Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What weird %#@ dreams may come


I awoke this morning just as I was about to take the stage in a subterranean fieldstone theatre as a last minute replacement for a key role in Monty Python’s SPAMALOT.

Strange, I know - but what’s even stranger is that just prior to my arrival at this underground basement-like theatre I, along with several other identity-less dream extras, were collateral damage in an argument which quickly escalated into a multi-pump gasoline fight (See graphic representation below from the hit movie Zoolander).

If dreams truly are, as Freud thought, "the royal road to the understanding of unconscious mental processes", I am inclined to surmise that last night must have been one hell of a horse and buggy ride with King George III holding the reigns of my psyche whilst mapquesting a navigational understanding of my neural network. At some point though, there was probably a large reflective warning sign which read “WRONG WAY” or “SERIES OF DANGEROUS BENDS”

On a final note, I do not believe this to be a “wish-fulfillment dream”. I have no desire to be unintentionally doused in carbon based fuels by two quarrelling jackasses moments before I have to take the stage in SPAMALOT. Wait, that was my Superego typing…my Id has a different view on the subject…oh great, now my Ego is getting all up in the mix and trying to negotiate a compromise between the two…ok I wouldn’t mind having to take the stage in SPAMALOT…just putting that out there…let me know if y’all need someone to fill in…

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