Friday, October 17, 2008


Look at this cheeky chap. Why is he so pleased with himself? Is it his delightful haircut? Perhaps his curiously futuristic computer monitor? No, silly - he just purchased his tickets for Geva Comedy Improv ONLINE!! Did you know that you can purchase tickets for our shows online? Well now you do!!! And buying online is no more expensive than buying your ticket from the box office - a measly $7.

So, why would you choose to buy online? Well A) to impress grandma with your mastery of the new technology, and B) to guarantee your seat for the show, which means that C) we have to turn suckers away at the door while you gloat inside with your heavily discounted beer.

So don't hesitate. Stop fantasizing about that guy's elegant hair, and rush to to get tickets for our Halloween shows. Hurrah!

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