Monday, February 26, 2007

Vermontians, Penguins, and Goodbye to Beki!

As always, the honorable KEVIN LEAS was on hand at our Theatre Sports show this past Friday. It was the best of times (the show guest-starred new Friend-of-GCI MUNSON HICKS) and the saddest of times (With a hot new job in NYC, BEKI said farewell), but as always, a great time! Thanks to Friday Night's raucus, nutty crowd...what a fantastic time!

PAUL NELLIS, before the show.

BRIAN warms up the crowd.

Everyone's favorite Vermontian, MUNSON HICKS, takes time from Geva Theatre Center's Our Town to help TIM (also in Our Town) find air conditioners at Wal Mart.

T.R. plays along.

SWITHUN sings an ode of goodbye to his penguin.

MUNSON can't seem to make it to the bowling championship.

PAUL NELLIS and ARTHUR at the musical improvisor station.



JUDGE NICK gets the boos.

T.R. in a deleted scene from Dream Girls.

For BEKI's last theatre sports show, the gang pulled out a classic Mocha Nipple Jam. Here, PAUL NELLIS gives BEKI a verse she'll never forget. Good luck in NYC, BEKI!

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  1. Hey Munson.....where do live in VT? I lived in Dorset/Manchester for 25 yrs. Ken Farrell....memory? The Proposition'70