Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Micetro pictures from Kevin Leas!

Last week's Micetro show was full of adventure, excitement, and unexpected heroes and heroines! CHARLEY fought valiantly to keep his title of Big Cheese of Micetro, but in the end it was...well...see for yourself!

TIM gets the crowd ready to roll.

Friend-of-GCI JESSICA stands ready at the Micetro Points Board!

CHARLEY gets ready to defend his title.

PAUL NELLIS plays Hesitation.

Back from Florida, GCI O.G. JOANNA plays with SWITHUN and T.R.

A volunteer is serenaded by T.R., PAUL NELLIS, and BRIAN.

At the end of the first half, cuts were made, and unfortunately, PAUL NELLIS and CHARLEY were eliminated!

More cuts are made through the night, and left standing? ARTHUR, JOANNA, and SWITHUN.

JOANNA performs a scene with CHARLEY'S dad, MR. BELLER!

The end of the night...who's the champ??? ARTHUR, the World's Greatest Musical Improvisor and 2007 Micetro champ! Thanks to everyone that came out!

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  1. Jessica can sing too! Get Jessica in more performances or point out where she'll be performing solo.