Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Power Food

Sometimes people will ask us where we get our ideas. Other times, fans will inquire whether we hang out together outside of improv to help foster group mind. Lastly, humans have been known to query which rock albums we think really stink. However, there has been a sad lack of communication about what Geva Comedy Improv eats before their shows to give them comic goodness, energy and that pine-fresh scent.

Ladies & Gentlemen: I SHALL REVEAL THE SECRET.

LO, many years ago, in the hall of goodness, Mr Geva had a vision. He dreamt of a food so tasty that it would cause many diseases and be badmouthed around schools and laundrymats across the country. AND WOE, the food did taste good. AND YEA, Mr Geva was unshaven. AND LO, it was good.

The secret of Mr Geva's creation, his instruction, his dedication and his invocation of deliciousness was embodied on a mere earth creature so powerful we dare not speak it's full name. AND YET, one was captured. AND NEH, the powers that were Nellis Presley could not slay the beast. SO, GCI lay in wait for the day and time of the sacrifice. UNTIL one day. UNTIL yesterday. UNTIL....


(thanks to Vincent Verhei for sharing this creation with Earth.)

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