Saturday, February 11, 2006

From Season II -- Jailbreak, Shakespearean-style!

All right, this one -- from last season -- needs a little explaining. April 23rd is Shakespeare's birthday. We decided to perform an improv Shakespeare movie, where we made up a courtroom drama but were interrupted every now and then by a wheel of Shakespearean conventions (Dad's lent us Mr. Tim Stoltenberg to host). So here, in the second act, Stoltenberg calls out to Mookie and Brian for a jailbreak of Brutus, played by Charlie. What the audience (and some of us) didn't know was that the cast of Hamlet, having just finished their show nextdoor on the mainstage, decided to bumrush our show. It was awesome. Some notable people: the first guy out is Skip Greer who played Hamlet's dad; he is the head of Geva's education department and a stand-up fella. The gentleman who comes over to the right of the screen and begins to point? That's Jordan Charney as Polonius, who, among other things, played Dean Yeager in Ghostbusters ("You are a poor scientist, Dr. Venkmann."). And the girl who rushes in front of the camera is Lori Prince, a Geva fave who played Ophelia. This video proves two things. One: we have more fun than you can possibly imagine, and two? We need to find a better way to tape these things.

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