Tuesday, January 24, 2006

GCI takes over various media outlets!

This week is chock-full of adventure in the mass media world.

WEDNESDAY the 25th ADAM and LIAM are going to be on Channel 8's early, early, very early talk show...tune in at, like, 6:20 am! It's so early even we don't really know when it is. We thought there was no TV at that time...let's see...ok. 6:20 am.

In the world of radio, TIM will be on The Mix 100.5 fm to chat up the shows on WEDNESDAY as well, and that's gonna start at 7:15 am.

FRIDAY the 27th SWITHUN and ADAM will be heading down to 90.5 fm WBER to have some laughs with the cats at The Friday Mornign Show. When? Why, 6:30 am, of course.

Check us out!

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