Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Very Deathly New Year's!

Well, we'd love for you to get your tickets to tonight's IMPROV MURDER MYSTERY, but we've been told it's already sold out!!! Thanks to everyone that came out last night to see one of our rockin'-est, bestest THEATRE SPORTS shows ever!
If you are making it out to tonight's show, here's the cast of chracters:

Setting: the Prique Family Estate - New Year's Eve 2005 - A Party

Stanley Prique
(Brian Daniel) – A professional wine and spirits critic who recently took over the Prique family estate following his father's mysterious and untimely disappearance. Well-dressed and snooty, this bachelor has no qualms about telling people what he thinks of them. It's an affliction that could be deadly.

Dick Whipley
(Paul Nellis) – A by-the-book cop who is fresh on the beat. Can this determined man crack the case in less than an hour?

Jacques Bublé (Mike Curasi) РAs the Prique estate's grape picker for several decades, this poor immigrant has toiled in the fields for years only to be ridiculed by his new boss Stanley. He believes that he's the real source of the Prique's success and tired of being ignored. Could there be something more sinister planned for those pruning shears?

Looker Steele
(Josh Rice) – Once the former spokesmodel for the Priquebrand of Sparkling Wine, Looker was horribly disfigured in a cork-related accident and rendered unable to ever model again. Currently working as a spokesperson for Miller High Life (the Champagne of Beers), could Steele have returned to the Prique household with revenge on the mind?

Johnny Marks
(Adam Litz) – The Prique Family's sterling salesman has been the top figure in marketing for more than a decade. Accustomed to a life of luxury, Johnny often crashes his BMW just so he can buy a new one. This year, Stanley decided to cancel his yearly $250k bonus citing "fiscal difficulties" – was it a decision that may have left Mr. Marks in a murderous rage?

Alphonse deMuteé
(Charley Beller) – Dick Whipley's faithful sidekick. As a man of no words but keen intellect, he's said to understand over a dozen languages. Recently, an offensive Prique ad campaign really boiled his blood. Can he keep it together and impartially solve this crime or was it enough to drive a mute to kill?

M. Night Shyamalan
(Swithun No) – A famous movie producer who is desperate for cash. Stanley's father had promised him financing for his next movie but disappeared before the deal could be signed. Stanley has said the money would only be given "over my dead body".Was Manoj the last person to do more than "see dead people"?

Theodore Mosher III
(Liam Scahill) – A young handsome man who graduated from the Manhattan School of Butlering. Theodore has been loyally employed and living in a corner of the Prique Manor for years. However, Stanley's insistence on long hours and his refusal to allow Mojo's seven year old son Jackson to live on the premises have driven Theodore back to drinking. What exactly did the Butler do?

Guy Perrineaux LeChat III
(Tim Goodwin) – Guy is a Frenchman with class, money and absolutely no discernable English skills. Upset about Stanley Prique marketing their wine as Champagne, Guy arrived at the mansion tonight with a mission to set things straight. Will his fists do the talking when words fail?

Ginger Kincaid
(Josie Schmitt) – Ginger was the former mistress of Stanley's father and has continued to live at the Prique estate. She's a snooty fortune-teller who acts like a mother to Stanley but was shocked and dismayed when she received no inheritance after Mr Prique's disappearance. Used to a life of luxury, Stanley's recent talk of evicting her has only further fueled her tantrums! Does this signal a bad omen for someone's life?

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