Friday, October 21, 2005

It begins....

Oh so very, very soon!

What's awesome about the 25.5 hours of improv hilarity? Well, there is the original, Rochester-created formats that will be performed: Mookie & Brian's City Council, Johanna's Characterprov, Swithun's Happy Fun Kids Show, Brian's Britaprov, Paul's Nellis Presley and so very much more! There will be guest stars from University of Rochester's In Between the Lines truope coming down at 8 AM to play a little Micetro and trying to be crowned GRAND MICETRO CHAMPION in the spirit of former winners Shawnda Urie and Adam Litz! Let's not forgot the IN-CRED-IB-L-E DEBUT of LAKE BOAT, GCI's Improvised Soap Opera. Costumes + Entrance Music + a whole lot of sleep deprivation = WOW.

So, hopefully you heard about the show somehow. Perhaps it was on WBEE, Fickle, MIX 100.5, WBER, City Newspaper or on any number of other places. What matters is we want you there - starting tonight! Got some time tomorrow? HEAD ON DOWN. Need a haircut? We'll gladly do that too. Just ask for Beki and bring your own Sissors! ROCK ON.


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