Monday, October 10, 2005

Geva Comedy Improv presents
The 25 1/2-hour Improvathon!
shows subject to change!
Go to for tickets prices and purchasing

10:30 PM
Theatre Sports -- root for your fave, boo the judge! Two teams vie for improv supremacy as they take your suggestions and make improv mince meat out of each other!!!

12:30 AM
Improv Karaoke
-- just like singing in your favorite bar, but…well, without the singing. Take the stage and improv with GCI!

2:00 AM
Nellis Presley
-- Let GCI's Paul Nellis tell you the tales of his world tour and other adventures! Featuring live music from Nellis Presley!

4:00 AM
Campfire Improv -- Bring your strange and fantastically unexplainable personal stories to the Nextstage and discover the truth about what goes bump in the night through the magic of

6:00 AM
Micetro with U of R's In Between the Lines Improv troupe -- see the improv next-gen as U of R's troupe battles for individual improv supremacy!

8:00 AM
The Morning Musical -- what better way to keep the improvisors going than a rousing, heart-warming musical?

10:00 AM
Gorilla Theatre -- See the improvisors duke it out by directing each other in scenes of hilarity and genius! Give them a suggestion! Help them out! The winner gets the prize…to take home the coveted gorilla!!!

12:00 PM
Britaprov -- We've filtered all the minerals out and left only the delicious pure improv for your viewing pleasure. No sets, no preconceived characters, no rules! It's Britaprov!

2:00 PM
Swithun's Happy Fun Kids' Show -- This family-friendly, happy fun time show will teach you life lessons, how to play well with others, and you might even learn a thing or two!

4:00 PM
City Council Improv
-- Got a problem? Take it to city council! See what happens when the citizens of Anywheresville air their grievances, and how the smallest change in the laws can create hilarious results!

6:00 PM
Joanna's Character Improv -- did you fill out your character sheets? See what happens when Team GCI takes your character suggestions and turns them into instipituously fantabulistic theatre!

8:00 PM
The pilot episode of Lake Boat -- Mystery…passion…deceit…the improvised soap opera FIASCO begins as the crew and passengers of this fast ferry take on dangerous waters and dangerous-er…uh, danger!

9:30 PM
pizza party!

10:30 PM
Theatre Sports -- Yeah, we've made it all the way!!! More hilarity as two more teams trump each other with scenes and games made up from audience suggestions!

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