Monday, September 05, 2005

Pix from the Tournament!

ADAM, PAUL NELLIS, and TIM had a fantastic time down in Atlanta learning how improv is done at Dad's Garage's DESTROY ALL IMPROVISORS TOURNAMENT!!! Above you see Dad's Improv Guru TIM as he readies to take us to the airport after the traditional all-night post-tournament party! Teams from Austria, Toronto, Edmonton, L.A., was a great time, and we have so many people to thank: TIM and everyone else at Dad's, all the improvisors who showed us so many things and taught us so much, ALISTER for showing us how to really play dodgeball...too many to name. We were very lucky to be invited, and hope to see evryone again some day. As for us? 6th place!!! We'll show off our proudly-taken trophy to you soon. Thanks again, year? Look out, 5th place!!! Here's how the deal shook out:

6th Place -- Team Rochester, from Geva!!!
5th Place -- Dad's Garage, from Atlanta!!!
4th Place -- Team L.A.: Joseph of Acme Theatre (he's actually one of the founders of Dad's)
3rd Place -- Team Toronto, Iron Cobra!!!
2nd Place -- Team Edmonton, from Rapid Fire Theatre
1st Place -- Team Austria!

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