Wednesday, September 28, 2005

no shame in the game.

You know, being a record store snob and all, I alll-ways have to remind myself: I'm only human. So I thought I'd take a moment from the constant exaltation of bands like Nine Inch Nails and The Decemberists and expose those albums that, come Hell or high water, I'll never, ever part with.

1_Phil Collins, NO JACKET REQUIRED. "Sussudio" and "Take Me Home?" Classics, my friend, classics. And the video for "Don't Lose My Number" was da bormb.
2_Janet Jackson, DESIGN OF A DECADE. I got this CD after not checking off the "don't-send-me-the-bmg-pick-of-the-month" box on my monthly bmg club thingy. So I got this, and then realized that Janet Jackson was the [scum bib] back in the day, but is nothing but [scum bib] now.
3_Extreme, EXTREME II: PORNOGRAFFITTI. If Nirvana and that whole Seattle-thing had never happened, then Nuno Bettencourt would no doubt have become the next Eddie Van Halen. But then again, after seeing what's happened to Eddie Van Halen, that might not be so savory a title.



  1. Wow, I hate all 3 of those albums! However, I love NIN and the Decemberists, so you do have good musical tastes.

  2. Albums that I would not part with (unexpectedly):

    Bush: Sixteen Stone - Bush sucks. I know this. I have seen them twice in concert and really enjoyed the moment during "Comedown" when the lights in the arena went out during a guitar solo and when the lights came back on Gavin Rossdale was standing 4 feet away from me. I was suprised. A couple of weeks later a fan hurt Gavin's hand when he pulled a similar stunt.

    Puccini: Madame Butterfly - Who loves cheesey Opera? I love cheesey Opera! I especially love the portrayal of American imperialism in late 19th Century Japan. Wow - I can take a story about love and turn it into a lesson on foreign policy - I'm such a romantic.

    - Adam

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