Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Roger Ebert's Theory of Comedy

I found this review while I was browsing the internet for new movie suggestions. Roger Ebert reviews The Jerk, that zany Steve Martin movie. He doesn't like it because it is a Funny Hat movie as opposed to a Funny Logic movie.

"It seems to me that there are two basic approaches to any kind of comedy, and in a burst of oversimplification I'll call them the Funny Hat and the Funny Logic approaches. The difference is elementary: In the first, we're supposed to laugh because the comic is wearing the funny hat, and in the second it's funny because of his reasons for wearing the funny hat. " -RE

I don't totally agree with his review, but his theory of comedy is interesting. Perhaps it is incomplete and oversimplified (hint: it is), but it is still an interesting point.


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