Saturday, July 09, 2005

Directions to Geva Comedy Improv.

We at Geva Comedy Improv understand that going downtown is a bit harrowing an experience for some of you fans, so we've decided to make it easier for you, by using the ULTRA-SWEET Google Earth. Feel free to take notes.

Let's start out at the planet Earth. If you're heading out of the solar system, it's the third planet, just past Venus. Ours is the one with the lawn ornament made of green cheese. Posted by Picasa

Head for North America. If you're unsure, just listen for the sound of my friend's muffler, which he continually contends is loud enough to be heard from space. Look for the big lakes. Posted by Picasa

Move towards the last lake on the right. You can tell which one it is by looking for the bustling activity of tourism that's brought from the fast ferry. Posted by Picasa

Here's where it gets a little tricky. If you're looking at a city that's old, delapidated, and reeling from the lack of "hip," you're heading towards Buffalo. Ours is the clean, bright city that can't keep the 25-35 set interested in anything but bitching about how Rochester has nothing interesting for the 25-35 set. Posted by Picasa

Rochester was founded right after the last Ice Age by some humble, planet-loving Native Americans, whose 25-35 set was quite happy. Then came Colonel Nathaniel Rochester and his plucky comic relief of a neighbor, George "Eastman" Kodak. Rochester was very surprised to have found a place already named after him, and settled in. The Native Americans' 25-35 set immediately began to grumble. Posted by Picasa

And here we are. The white-topped building in the center is Geva Theatre Center. Please enjoy your stay, and don't forget to boo the judge. If you're still unsure how to get here, go to Posted by Picasa

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