Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Next weekend -- the 17th and 18th -- THEATRE SPORTS makes its return to Geva Comedy Improv! Get your tix lickety-split at or by calling 232-Geva! Posted by Hello

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  1. And while the advertising is happening, I'll put a plug in for me, har har.

    I have a senior show tomorrow (first show actually in the HS besides the musical, actually)(I advertised this before) and I'd be thrilled to have your support!

    The Senior Show is set up like Saturday Night Live and we make fun of American Idol and the teachers in our school and we have a couple of hilarious surprises for you.

    The show is tomorrow, Thursday, June 9 @ 7pm. Tix are $3 and go towards Daystar (organization that helps terminally ill infants at birth). Come see me perform a one act play written by my favorite playwright, David Ives. The play is called "Sure Thing" and it's a hilarious play about a guy trying to pick up a girl at a cafe. I'm Betty, :-).

    It's in the brand spanking new auditorium in the High School.

    Hilton High
    400 East Ave
    Hilton, NY 14468

    Kisses, toodles, hope you'll be there. BTW, you get to hear me "sing" and "dance". You'll pee your pants it's so damn funny.