Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cool Book for Children and Adults

When I went home this spring, my mother had this cool book that had clues in it that lead to real treasure (she works with preschoolers, so she has to keep up on things like the latest Harry Potter gossip or the rumors about Bob the Builder). It's a fairy tale with the obvious title A Treasures Trove, but in the pictures and within the story are subtle clues that lead to gold tokens hidden all over the United States. The tokens can be redeemed for rare jewels in the shape of creatures from the book. The prizes all total $1 Millions dollars. It seems to me like a brilliant way to get both children and adults to use a little creativity and solve some puzzle together. My brother, my mom and I all spent a good couple of hours looking for clues (we are all over the age of 20, but hidden treasure brings out the kid in us all) and enjoying the intricate illustrations.

Well, the first jewel has been found. It was in my home state, no less. A man from Pittsburgh found it with the help of his daughter. Congratulations to them and good luck to all those who are still searching for treasure. The following is the link the the CNN breaking story:



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