Thursday, May 19, 2005

GCI LJ community


I'm digging those ads a ton. (Team Danger is definately taking home the cup this weekend!)
I went ahead and created a "Geva Comedy Improv" community on the livejournal for our fans that might just be bloggin' on the LJ. The community is called gevacomedy and everyone is welcome to join! I think we should keep this as our primary blog - it's just another place that fans can randomly post and we can announce shows! ROCK.


1 comment:

  1. Team Danger? I used to be a member of Team Danger, although we had a different mission. If you start calling yourselves Team Danger, WATCH OUT! The BaGMaN still lurks, and the true Team Danger could return at anytime, to the benefit of all!!!!!!!!!

    Ten Stitches,

    BaGMaN Out.