Friday, May 06, 2005

Catfish and Capitalists

I hate this blog. I wrote out a long and funny bit about my family's trip across the US and one of my favorite memories from visiting my Uncle Larry in Missouri. When I tried to copy it for spellcheck, it instead deleted the whole post. It was two pages long and the stupid "Recover Post" function merely posted the last link that I had set up. Anyhow, enough bitching. If you want to hear my story...just ask me at a show or rehearsal.

Here are the links:

This is the one about Noodling. It was something that I observed many years ago and remember vividly to this day. Interesting bit of Americana.

This one is just a link to funny T-shirts, but they are making fun of most funny T-shirts. The "Capitalists do it Ruthlessly" is already on my Christmas list.

Both links are from Boing Boing.

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