Monday, April 05, 2010


JAPAN!?!? Cool your effin' jets!! A robot that can mimic facial expressions?! SERIOUSLY!? Why would anyone EVER need this? EVER!?! Do the Japanese not watch movies?! Don't they know that as soon as Will Smith is too old to fight robots, we're all screwed?!

I propose new regulations for Robotic construction. Robots msut only have one (1) leg for limited mobility, and there must be a large button on their back that, when pressed, causes them to explode. And NEVER, ABSOLUTELY NEVER, under any cirsumstances will robots be made waterproof or given the ability to fly...

When the robot apocalypse arrives, my stock holdings in the super soakers corporation will finally pay off.

This video made me vomit. Human or... killing machine that doesn't like to be poked in the face?

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