Friday, March 05, 2010

Age Discrepency Results in Call to Action!!

Hey all, JZ here with some big news. As you may have heard, I recently found out that reading isn’t just for the weak and the dateless. This discovery lead me to a series of books that is well written, fast paced, action packed, and fun. The only down-side to this book series is that it’s intended for sixth-graders… The books are the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and my unabashed enjoyment of them has lead to a revelation: It’s ok to be a man-child!! While I’ve known I was a man-child since childhood, I always thought it was just something to be tolerated; like restless leg syndrome, or a beard. I have come to the realization, however that my fascination with televised violence, car chases and fart jokes is to be embraced. It is because of this realization that I have decided to start an organization: The Intrepid League of Man-Children, or the ILMC. The slogan is En El Ridiculum, Fructus. Which means In The Ridiculous, Enjoyment. We shall endeavor to partake in noble pursuits; such as learning to sword fight, watching Death-Race, and going on waterslides drunk!
I have to admit, the name of the organization is a bit of a misnomer, as women are perfectly welcome to join. All you need is an unashamed enjoyment of things that productive adults in society look down their boring noses at! We are currently taking recruits of all skill levels, so contact us at our Facebook account to sign up!

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