Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On Campaign Stickers

Hey everybody! John here. It's election time again, and you know what that means. It means people trying to sway your opinion on a who's a good leader using sticky paper. That's right, as if seeing somebody's name on enough bumpers is going to effect you when you're in the voting booth. Truth be told, I bet those stickers do more to get votes for the opposite canditate, whether it be Obama or McCain. Think about it; while seeing a name on a bumper doesn't do much to convince ya to vote for someone, seeing a name on a bumper that just cut you off is something you're gonna remember come November (which totally rhymes so it has to be true). And let's face it, everybody drives like a jerk every once in a while, even if it's accidental. The other reason not to have a candidate on your bumper is the post November blues where you now just have the name of a loser on your bumper. I still get a kick out of seeing Kerry '04 stickers on cars. So, in conclusion, please keep your presidential choice to beligerant conversation and facial tatoos, and leave your bumper sticker space free to instruct me to honk depending upon whether or not I am horny.




  1. On the contrary my friend. The bumper of my car beating your ass off the line is a great way to show my choice for political candidates superiority over all slower moving traffic. America F#ck Yeah!


  2. The reality is that cheap sticker would look fine and eye-catching due to their unique designs, multicolor printing and vinyl material.