Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Silver Screen Geva Team

Over the weekend of August 10-12th, members of GCI and friends, entered the Buffalo 48-Hour Film Project. In less than 48 hours, a film was to be made that utilized the following elements:

  • Genre: Film de Femme (where the woman/women are smart and empowered)
  • Character: Steve Simon, Inventor
  • Prop: Keychain
  • Line: "If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it."
  • Image: Landmark of Buffalo

The result: "Boys Gone Wild" by Silver Screen Geva Team

After much deliberation, the judges have announced their superlatives. I am proud to announce that Silver Screen Geva Team received the following distinctions:
  • Best Sound Editing
  • Best Acting
  • Best Writing (tied)

This last award is perhaps the most remarkable since, as an improv troupe, there was no actual script per se.

The other team that tied in Best Writing (who also won Best Special Effects and Best Graphics) went on to win the overall competition.

So inspite of losing many of our promised shooting locations, massive creative differences, a team member quitting in the middle of the process, a lot of waiting around, and grotesquely incompetent leadership, the Silver Screen Geva Team pulled off a rather substanstial showing in the competition. This only happened because of the dedication and talent of all the writers/actors/crew--with special acknowledgement going to TV producer, Sumit David.

Oh yes, and unending apologies to Brian Daniel for misspelling his name.

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